Illustration/Ill Frustration is a comical animated short film, a series of sketches talking about some issues and obstacles found during the creative process of a young illustrator.


Illustration/Ill Frustration started as a series of animated illustrations (gifs). Later, I felt they needed sound, and decided to join them together and add some sound effects to make a whole video.

The idea came to my mind when, feeling the lack of inspiration and seeing the creative block coming, I decided to talk about this situation. It was my personal experience and, at the same time, a universal matter, at least among the creative community. Here we can find a lot of clichés and recurrent issues such as creative block, blank page syndrome, self-demanding, perfectionism, infoxication, procrastination, etc.

Then, I decided to use humour, dramatically exagerating the negative feelings (difficulty, huge efforts, fail, frustration) to turn the drama into comedy, and to make fun of myself when I feel stuck.

Maybe not a big deal, but it makes me laugh.